Proactive Agent

On your side

In a competitive market like San Diego, whether buying or selling, you need an edge to stand out and find that perfect match. 

With a network of people and an arsenal of tools, digital and real world, I am the proactive agent on your side that gets it done.


"My experience with Ayush Vats was exceptional! Even during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, we were able to safely sell our home at the full listed price, with very few hurdles. Ayush is a polished professional agent, who is friendly and honest, and I highly recommend him."  
"He immediately 'got' my taste and what the most important features I wanted were. He was extremely thorough, always available for a question and proactive for my cause."  
"He did an amazing job throughout escrow keeping up with everything to where we were done early and just waiting for the seller"